Logo Design


Logo Design

Make your brand easily identifiable anywhere with a logo that is relevant, timeless, and versatile. The
creatives at BrandJini have the most innovative approach when designing a logo backed by the
psychological facts for making them easily memorable to the mind.

Having no brand persona or character is considered a non-existent brand.
A logo is a prime component your clients and customers associate you with. It represents your brand’s personality. Without having a logo or brand identity, a company, service, or product, narrowly exists.

We are willing to work with any kind of organization whether they are SMEs, larger organizations, we also work with start-ups who want to stand out to represent themselves in a competitive market.
Logotypes: Logos are classified in mainly two categories which are text-based designs and the other ones having a symbolic or iconic representation with text. Symbol or icon-based designs help to be separated from the brand’s name and used as a standalone branding component.

Peace of mind: Our team designs logos only in vector format. This assures they can be scaled-up or printed on any possible size or dimension without compromising on the quality and details.

• Electronic files: The final logo files (scalable vector format) are provided via email in the following file formats: ai, pdf, png, jpeg, and psd.

If you have any project currently that you need work on, feel free to brief us via filling out the form or by reaching directly to us via phone or email.

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BrandJini is a specialized branding agency

BrandJini is a specialized branding agency with experience in local and international businesses.

We have created many bespoke logo designs for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries, and are consistently praised for the distinctive and professional output we produce.

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